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Having your electric bill paid for your home would be a needed relief for many home owners. We want to help make that happen. If you own a home that has a Southern exposure and open area on your roof, we may be able to install a solar energy system that will cover some or all of your electrical needs for the year. Also if you have an open area on your property we may be able to install a ground mount solar energy system as well.

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Homeowners can complete our solar assessment and we will start the process of matching your energy needs with the solar potential of your home and property, complete the onsite solar data gathering needed, and give you an estimate of the solar energy you can produce and the solar energy package we recommend.

Ask us about the air source climate control equipment we offer. If you use oil, propane, or electricity to heat and cool your home, we will perform an energy audit of your home and recommend an air source climate control package that will meet your homes heating, cooling and dehumidifying needs and combined with your solar energy package to provide power for your equipment, the complete system will pay for itself in about half the time.

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Financing is also available to qualifying homeowners for all the solar energy and climate control equipment we offer from a financial institution that understands the value of your investment and can offer low interest rates over long term amortization. You can sometimes pay less per month then you pay now and still have your homes needs meet for years to come after you pay for your equipment.

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